Marriage is the strongest and most powerful union man can enter into, that explains why keeping it strong and exciting can be very challenging. In your marriage you must seek to be in harmony in opinion, will and action. This is not automatic neither does it happen over night, it takes time and effort.

Money is one very important and crucial area in which this must happen, you may have found out that your opinion or reaction to money differs from that of your spouse’s, this only proves that this is an area you need to work on; avoid overruling or vetoing it wont help. Leaving your spouse to do what he/she wants will not work either, this only leads to later frustration.

A good place to start is to spend good time talking about this, be prepared to listen and seek to understand, this will help especially when you know nobody’s opinion is more important than the other’s. Above all, pray about this regularly and agree to make God’s word final authority. God’s word is the ultimate wisdom. Whatever you decide to do, nobody wins, you both will benefit and God will be glorified in your marriage.

What divides you? Is it money, in-laws, sex, career or religion? You can apply this same method to every one of these issues. For you, to be in agreement with each other is not an option, without it you can’t work together.

Let nothing divide you. Any couple divided against each other will not stand. In one accord you cannot be defeated.

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