In the beginning when God created the earth and placed Adam and Eve in it, it was a place of joy, abundance, prosperity, peace, a place where all their needs were met both spiritually and physically. The Bible records that in Gen 1:31 God looked and saw everything He created and said it was very good. For it to have been very good in the sight of God, then no word would be suitable enough to adequately describe the blessings God prepared for them in the garden.

When Adam and Eve committed treason by listening to the serpent (the devil) and therefore willingly disobeying God, God sent them out of the garden of Eden. (For Adam and Eve Eden was The Place) They left the place of ultimate peace, joy and prosperity for hardship, uncertainty and evil. The first couple forfeited heaven on earth for hell on earth because of a wrong choice, which they made thorough disobedience. That choice was the most costly choice they ever made.

From the brief description of what happened to the first couple, God’s intention and purpose for marriage was and is still heaven on earth but what you eventually experience depends on the choices you make.

Heaven a place of blessings

The word of God describes heaven as the place God dwells. Heaven is full of blessings, in Malachi, God promises us overflow of blessings through the opening of the windows of heaven. In the book of Ephesians the Bible says there are spiritual blessings in heavenly places. Every need and satisfaction beyond what the natural mind can comprehend is in heaven.

That your days may be multiplied, and the days of your children, in the land which the Lord sware to your fathers to give them, as the days of heaven upon earth. Deuteronomy 11:21

God’s vs Devils Plan

This scripture clearly shows what God’s will for every marriage is. God’s plan is for every marriage to be joyful, full of fun and lots excitement, healed, blessed, abundant in love and prosperity. On the other hand the devil wants the opposite for married couples, he wants them sorrowful, hurting, sick, and poor.

The Power of Choice

Even though God has great plans and the devil has destructive plans, you determine what you eventually end up having through the choices you make. As you obey God you avail yourself of the abundant life of God, while the choice from disobedience to God leads only to death.

More Than Mere Knowledge

The problem is not just knowledge of the right choices you need to make but obtaining the ability to make the right choices.
Making Jesus Christ the Lord and Master of your life and marriage imparts upon you divine ability to obey and resist all desires to make the wrong choices. You need God to obey God, He alone can empower you to please Him in the face of the challenges you face each day. The indwelling Holy Spirit and the all-powerful word of God works in His children to will and to do what pleases Him.

No matter where you are right now, planning to get married or maybe you are married, you can invite Jesus into your life and marriage today, He longs to help you have heaven on earth in your marriage.

Choose Life now.

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