Joy is different from happiness. Happiness is usually tied to something your natural senses can comprehend, such as a wedding day, promotion at work, a new job, career or a new house and so many other physical occurrences. All these do not necessarily guarantee a joyful marriage. You might even be married to the sort person you have always dreamed of marrying, only to realise the feeling is fast fading out. The expectations are fading out, the joy is no longer there.

Nothing Can Bring Everlasting Joy

Trying to make your marriage take the place meant for God will eventually lead to frustration. Some people think the problem is with their mate, so they separate and remarry someone else, and a few years or sometimes months down the line, that same feelings begin to creep in again and sometimes they blindly run off with somebody else thinking they are yet to meet the right person.

Joy Comes From a God-Filled Heart

Every new thing you acquire or come into is likely bring into your life a rise in excitement and happiness, which a lot of people think is joy and they therefore expect it to last forever. Once the excitement runs out, they take offence, by getting rid of the thing or person. Some people try looking for joy in sexual relationships outside their marriage, most soon find out that the problem is not in the inability of their spouse to meet their needs. They might even resign to keep doing the wrong things they go about hurting everyone on their path.

Give God His Place

When God takes His rightful place in the heart of a person the very first thing they experience is the joy of the Lord. Nothing and no one else can give this. This joy is indescribable, it supernatural, it is a miracle from God. When God takes His place in your heart, you will be able to put everything else including your marriage in their right place. A place where you know and understand that only God is eternal and He alone remains the same forever.

You can revive your relationship with your spouse through the help of the Holy Spirit and the anointed Word of the Living God. Things in your marriage are subject to change.

Man will change, everything in this realm is subject to change and deterioration but the joy of the Holy Spirit can help you to continuously pour the eternal life of God into your marriage thereby renewing it.

Are you placing the value you should place on God on your relationship? Are your expectations being continually shattered? Do you look for satisfaction that your marriage is just unable to supply or are you the sort who has longed for something for so long only to realise it didn’t change the way you felt for long.

…for the joy of the Lord is your strength Nehemiah 8:10

Now the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, that you may abound with hope, through the power of the Holy Ghost. Roman 15:13

Try Jesus, ask Him to come and revive His life in you. Circumstances do drain the joy of the Holy Spirit in us. God is faithful to renew and refill you with His joy. You will run out of joy again, but you know what to do. You do not always have to wait until you totally run out of joy before you go for a refill. Go back to God for a refill if possible everyday.

You can experience the joy of the Lord in your marriage stop living off of your own joy.

Life will be a lot of fun, things will be a lot different in your marriage with the joy of the Lord.

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