The safety, well-being and durability of any relationship depends on how secure it is from external influence. Various things put pressure on your relationship, so the stronger your fortress and stronghold the more difficult for any of these negative things to come into your union and cause division.

The greatest refuge and stronghold is God. When He is your strong tower you become a strong city, safe from trouble and attacks that would otherwise have brought harm. He becomes your protection, your cover, safety and shelter from harm.

He wants to be your strength. You will come across issues and matters you will find difficult to handle on your own, rather than allow them to put pressure on your relationship or turn you against each other, seek God to be your strength.

He is more than willing to be there for you.

As you do this you will be able to resolve things better, your capacity will increase and you will enjoy your relationship better.

You can be safe against any attack no matter how severe they are, you can be secure, strong and unconquerable when you look to God to be your security and strength.

With God you can stand in the face of trouble.

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