God made every marriage and relationship unique. They are all unique in their abilities, knowledge, talents, personalities and gifts. No single marriage or relationship is the same, this is so in order to make us all dependent on one another.

What that means is that there are areas in marriage that a couple might be making the same mistakes and do not seem to know what to do to make things better while you might be doing very well in that area.

On the other hand there might be areas they are doing excellently and you are struggling even though they have the answer to make your marriage happy again.

It is time to look out for the good of others if you want to see the pain and distress in marriages reduced. You need to get involved in strengthening other marriages and let others get involved in yours.

Imagine how many people are in your workplace, street, Church or club who need the strength in your marriage and you need the strength in theirs.

You can become more selfless by allowing others to help you and you offering to help others. You can make a mighty difference in marriages and relationships.

No two people come together in marriage or relationship with an intention or purpose of hurting and making life miserable for each other. Most people just do not know how to correct the situation or are just too shy to ask for help.

You have something others need in their marriage. Imagine the joy and fulfilment that you will have from knowing God used you to stop pain and divorce in another marriage.

If this is where you are today, God is speaking to your heart and you really want to make a difference and help others but do not know where to start and just need more ideas or encouragement we will be glad to help, just send us an email.

Why not put the law of sowing and reaping into play here, in helping and strengthening other marriages in their difficult times; in your time of need your seed will bring a great harvest of help to you.

Together we can all make our world a better place.

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