A master is someone who has a degree of control, an owner, a ruler, a leader, one who can manage, organize or direct.

A servant is the person being controlled, owned, led or directed. A servant is a follower, whose goal is to satisfy his or her master.

Money is great, God wants you to have a lot of it, a lot of money can help you enjoy your relationship better and fulfill your purpose here on earth. Lack of it could bring distress and unhappiness. Money helps to solve problems.

The irony is a lot of money does not also guarantee a great marriage/relationship.

One thing most people do not realize is that money is always trying to make you its servant. It wants to be your master, the master of your relationship. One’s master is someone who orders you and tells you what to do. One who has authority to control, setting the atmosphere around you.

Subtly money can take charge and begin to decide how you feel, resulting in fear and anxiety. It can begin to control your feelings causing you to be annoyed, rude, arrogant, agitated and sad.

Money is always trying to speak to you, and control your emotions, it is trying very hard to provoke you to be rude, to argue unendingly, and disagree.

On the other hand money ought to be your servant, something at your control, you should be in charge, you decide its level of involvement in your relationship. You can learn and master its ability to tell you what to feel, how you talk or behave to each other.

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