You expect things to be much better by now but rather they have gone worse. You are stressed, over burdened by issues around you. Your expectations after all don’t seem likely to be fulfilled.

One thing is sure if this describes you, It’s Time To Give Up on you. To succeed you need wisdom beyond yourself. Unless you totally focus on God, you won’t be able to receive His help.

In life we act as if we hardly need Him when the truth is we desperately need Him to be free from the stress and burdens of life and relationship.

Jesus says you should come for help. It takes really wanting that help for you to be able to make the best of God’s assistance.

It is God’s pleasure that life is great and successful for you in every area of your marriage/relationship. He knows about your stress, and the heavy burden you are under. He wants you refreshed and at ease. He wants things comfortable, gracious and pleasant for you.

That’s why He wants you to come in complete surrender, ready to listen carefully. Don’t think you know what to do only to fall flat on your face.

God has wisdom to heal all your pain, free you from every burden and stress. All you need to do is GO, go to him unashamedly tell him you desperately need His help for you to achieve the kind of relationship He wants for you, one that is not harsh or hard but peaceful and joyful.

He’s got all the help you need, absolutely everything you need He has, He is calling you. Take a break from worrying and doing things your way He knows better and easier ways for you to have the best in your marriage/relationship.

Go to Him you will be glad you did. Don’t quit going until you have heaven on earth.

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