A driver is the person or thing urging or compelling you in a particular direction. The driver guides, operates, directs, pilots and steers. The driver determines the path and the destination. There are two basics kinds of drivers, the good and bad drivers.

Selfishness, strife, unforgiveness, bitterness, anger, pride, nagging, envy, lust are all examples of bad drivers. The fruit or destination of such drivers is never good. They all make the journey of marriage sad and stormy.

Love, Joy, forgiveness, peace, gentleness, consideration, mercy, humility, respect and patience are all examples of good drivers. With any of these in the driver’s seat of your marriage you can be rest assured the journey will be fun-filled and pleasant. When love and joy steers your marriage, with patience you are sure to be heading for heaven on earth.

God without doubt wants you to have heaven in your marriage, before you begin to go further you want to be sure who or what is driving. Do not tolerate a bad driver.

For a good and lovely marriage you need a good driver, ask yourself who or what is steering your life and relationship? Be sincere with yourself and prayerfully ask God for wisdom to make the changes you need to make.

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