God is a righteous Father and He has promised to never forget your labour of love, not only would He remember it but He will reward you. So by faith expect God to bless you for supporting this great work of His. Thank God every day in anticipation of His great blessings.

On our part we continually pray for you, whether you send us a request or not, your wholeness spirit soul and body is our goal.

Allow us to share a word from the Holy Spirit for your edification:

Your walk in this life must be influenced and affected by who you are in Christ Jesus. You are a child of the Most High God, yes a child of the Almighty God, the One whom none absolutely none can be compared.

The great One lives on the inside of you. You are closely related to Him by the covenant in the precious blood of Jesus. You carry His nature in you, you are made in His image and after His likeness. You are a bona fide member of His Kingdom.

Jesus is the Head of this domain, all authority pertaining to this kingdom is in Jesus, and Jesus is in you. The authority of God’s kingdom, the right and the ability to enforce all that the kingdom of God stands for is in you.

Satan is always seeking to undermine all that God has made available to His family in His kingdom, God being aware of that and never wanting any of His children to be oppressed or intimidated He gave all His children the authority to enforce His will and resist and cause satan to flee all the time.

In I Samuel 17 we see the story of the army of Israel and Goliath, the real fight was not between David and Goliath. Goliath of the Philistines had come to rob the army of Israel of their God given dominion and victory. None of them could stand up to challenge the enemy due to fear, fear had crept into the camp and robbed them of every confidence they had in God and His power.

In the same manner issues of life stir up fear in the lives of the people of God, causing them to cringe and hurriedly retreat from things that are their right and privilege in Christ be it a happy marriage, a prosperous life, divine health and so on.

Let’s learn a few lessons from David:

David knew His covenant with God, he knew the covenant included God showing up whenever anyone or anything came to challenge their freedom. Because of what David knew and believed he was bold, he was sure God would not lie or back off on His promise.

David knew He had authority from God to challenge the enemy so he did it with boldness. You have the same authority David had and even a better one to challenge the enemy of God’s will in your life. Be bold find out what the word of God says and boldly demand it.

Don’t expect satan and whatever the situation is to play by the rules, you on your hand must be ready to enforce God’s will with all the authority you have in Christ. David had to fight physically for His right, we in the new covenant do not fight against flesh and blood, we fight satan and his cohorts. David’s physical weapon was backed up by the Name of the Lord. God Almighty was His strength. God Almighty is the strength behind the authority you possess as a child of God.

You have been given rightful power by God in Christ to ensure that all of God’s promises and blessings reach His people. You are a divine Policeman so use your authority with boldness. Stop the enemy in Jesus Name enjoy the goodness of God do it in your life and in the life of those around you.

You bring great glory to God as you walk in divine authority

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