There are two kinds of wisdom available to everyone in all their dealings in a relationship. The first one is the wisdom of God and the other is the wisdom of the world.

The wisdom of the world is readily available, you will come in contact with it more often than the wisdom of God. Before you choose you need to know what result you want.

The wisdom of God is pure, incorruptible, peace loving, courteous (which is to be polite, considerate, well mannered and not rude but gentle). The wisdom of God is also submissive (that is willing to listen and accept better options), merciful and totally sincere (trustworthy). This is the right fuel for your marriage/relationship.

The wisdom of the world usually looks easier, seems to obtain quick results, and is more popular, in spite of all these it eventually results in unhappiness and more trouble.

The easiest way to approach the wisdom of God on any issue (be it finances or communication) is to find out what the word of God says and do it (make it your final authority).

The word of God is the wisdom of God, stop yielding to just your experience or what is common practice around you, find out what God has to say in His word.

As you do this you will come to experience that God never changes, He is always right.

No matter where you are today in your marriage/relationship do not give up or settle for less than the best that God has for you, the best way to do this is by finding out and applying the wisdom of God.

The wisdom of God is the key to having heaven on earth in your life and relationship. With it you will be happier, you will get out of debt, spend wisely, reduce stress and conflict, abound in joy and be a blessing to others.

Enrol in the school of wisdom today ask God to show you wisdom in His word that would make your life less complicated and your relationship a lot of fun.

You will soon find out that there is nothing wrong with your spouse, you still love each other and are compatible its just that you are running on the wrong fuel, the wisdom of the world instead of the wisdom of God. Change your fuel and your marriage will run smoothly and joyfully.

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