The Bible calls the husband and wife to honour one another. It is much easier to submit to the one who loves you, honours you and looks out for your good. Let’s take the example of Jesus, He calls everyone to give their hearts to Him, serve Him and worship Him, but He begins by demonstrating a selfless love towards mankind.

Honour begets honour and respect begets respect. Some treat their spouses so badly and still expect to be treated with respect, NO, it won’t work. Make your marriage a haven of love, be the first to show respect whether you are alone or in public. Speak to and treat one another the way you would love to be treated. Your marriage would attract the presence of God.

Words are very powerful, speak gentle and kind words, learn to control your temper, when you are angry, say nothing and whenever you say the wrong thing, be quick to apologise, you will never be wrong for apologising. Change the atmosphere in your home to one filled with the love of God. Treat one another with humility and the fear of God.

Respect and honour your spouse the way you would love to be respected and honoured.
This week ask the Holy Spirit to show you ways in which you can improve in this area.

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