How you live together will determine the joy and peace in your marriage. One thing you need if you are to be happy is tolerance.

Tolerance is the ability to accept others, allowing them to be, do things or even be themselves with ease and you being happy and ready to cooperate with them.

Tolerance is being comfortable and supportive of your spouse when they express themselves and do things that don’t look or feel like you. When things can be done the way your spouse loves them and you are still happy to go along with joy.

Most people find it easy to tolerate others but not their spouse, that is control, when your spouse cannot just be themself.

You have the power to tolerate others. The point is, are you willing to exercise that choice toward your spouse?

Tolerance is something you do, it is an active word. The more you practice it in your marriage the easier and better and happier your marriage will be.

Tolerance will change the atmosphere in and around your home to one of joy and peace where no one is afraid to be or express what is on the inside of them knowing they are always loved and welcome.

No one should have to live in fear of being different from their spouse. Pray to God to show even the slightest intolerance on your part and how to quench it.

Tolerance will take your life and relationship to greater heights to the glory of God. Make life better for your spouse, be tolerant.

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