Life can sometimes be very stressful and strenuous, such times when so many things go wrong at the same time and nothing seems to be going right.

You fast, pray, sing, cry, shout and do everything you know to do with little or no success. The results are screaming at you saying God is not that good after all, if He is why is He not helping me.

A very good way to get out of such tight spots is to rehearse past victories. Remind yourself of victories, healing and deliverances and past blessings.

Even if this means going way back to when you were little, the stories of God’s intervention your parents told you of. Go over them again and again.

As pictures and stories of Gods abundant goodness and mercies run through your mind, joy will come, strength will come, your faith will soar. Self-pity and discouragement will flee from you. Sadness and sorrow will be replaced by the joy of the Lord.

When the atmosphere around you changes, every wisdom and ability to overcome also comes. Don’t stay trapped in worry and anxiety over things not working out, remind yourself of what God has done, and how He is willing and able to do so much more.

When life and marriage seem tough and tiring then its time to remember the goodness of God. Don’t let the enemy trick you into believing His lies.

God is good all the time.

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