It brings one such a wonderful feeling to know that someone else is thinking about you. When you and your spouse show practical love and care, it is a key to winning each others heart.

Think of something you can, not just say, but do, to help to make life easier for your spouse. Meet a need, help to reduce pressure by offering assistance. It will require you to think of him/her and consciously opt to be a blessing.

It doesn’t have to be something big, whatever it is, one thing is sure, you are revealing that YOU CARE and that you are taking the time to think about your spouse.

This will release in both of you a willingness to be selfless, you will also realise how easy it is to make each other happy.

A gesture of love makes all the difference. What can you do today that will bring relief or joy to your spouse?

Think of ways apart from words to show that YOU CARE, go a step further, do it.

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