Serving each other is what Jesus calls the path to blessing. Jesus washed His disciples’ feet, He was actually showing them how far it was their duty and obligation to walk in love. Love is to be expressed through their service to each other.

Married folks should follow this great example by being willing and ready to do whatever is required to make the other blessed and comfortable.

Think about this how far would you go to serve and help your spouse? This is wonderful when it happens both ways.

God has called you to serve each other, the more you serve each other the more you honour one another and there are many ways you can do this.

Start by asking questions like what can I do to ease things up for you today, or is there anyway I can be of help? Don’t be like those who are quick to spend and be spent outside the home, but at home, they are most unwilling to bear each other’s burden.

Jesus said you bring the blessings of God into your relationship as you serve your spouse.

Multiply the blessings of God in your home by serving each other so good. Make a quality decision to offer yourself to serve your spouse and watch God pour His blessings upon your life and marriage.

Service is a sign of humility, which attracts God’s great blessings. Humble yourself today, look out for opportunities to serve your dear spouse, offer your service and God will honour your gesture.

This is a mystery when couples honour and serve each other great things happen, don’t miss on this, be inspired start right away.

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