Wisdom is the key to a really happy marriage. Wisdom is simply knowing and doing the right thing. In every situation there is the right way and the wrong way of doing things.

This world is made up of wise and unwise choices, and God gives us the right to choose what we want to do.

Before you make any choice, you can choose to obtain information on the set consequences of every choice available. Even though you have the power to make any choice you want, you do not determine the consequences of your choice those are set already long before you make them.

Wisdom is what makes or breaks relationships and ignorance is no excuse. When you do the wrong thing ignorantly you get the wrong result ignorantly. You can change that by obtaining knowledge and understanding of how to make informed and right choices.

Ask yourself questions like what your is goal in relationship and how can you get there? There is a way that leads there and some ways no matter how determined you are won’t get you there because they go the wrong way. God’s wisdom is the right way.

God’s word is full of wisdom to a happy marriage, at first they look like instructions and hard work. You need to tell yourself these instructions are coming from someone who loves and cares for you more than anyone else including yourself and of course everything good requires discipline and hard work.

There is wisdom to help you overcome and be successful over EVERY challenge and hardship you face in life and relationship. You have tried your way and are still not satisfied with what you get it is time to listen to wisdom, go into the word of God with a heart to obey and respect God’s word above what is the norm around you or what you have always known to be right.

The wisdom you find in God’s word is God’s way of saying “I never fail and if I were you this is what I would have done and without a doubt I never fail”.

God never fails, so does His word, and that is your wisdom, apply God’s wisdom and you will never fail. Start right now, you will soon find out, the results far outweigh the effort you put into it. You cannot afford to reject God’s wisdom that is just too costly.

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