A boundary is a line-marking limit to something, most people will see this as a negative thing but it is indeed a positive thing.

God has given you His Word to serve as boundaries in your life, the Word of God provides the limit to what you can and cannot do.

When you take the time to allow the Word of God to penetrate your heart and you obey the Word in every area, you allow the limits to be in place.

The good thing about these limits is that they give you quality life. Your life will have direction, you will not just move or go wherever the wind of life or situations blow.

The Word of God in Nehemiah 8:10, in the latter part, says the Joy of the Lord is your strength. If you allow the joy of knowing the Lord to fill your heart even in the face of sorrow, God will allow strength to come into you, this strength will give you the ability to move on in life. Sorrow is destructive if it does not have a limit, continuous sorrow ruins a person’s chance of a successful life, but as you obey and yield to the Word of God, it will put a boundary in your life, which will keep you from falling into the trap sorrow sets. This happens as you allow His Words to penetrate your heart.

A lot of people want to live outside the boundaries of the Word of God or live just any way they want to. The fact is they can make that choice, and a lot of people do, but they also forfeit a life of joy.

In order to have joy in marriage and every aspect of living you must obey the Word of God. To obey it you must know it. The world we live in is getting more complex everyday, you will need to spend quality time in the Word of God to keep you abreast of how to live wisely in this life.

Take advantage of the help and wise counsel you get from God’s Word so as to live joyfully. The only key to lasting joy is not just increase but knowing you have pleased God.


Another important principle is that staying within the limits of God’s Word will keep your life flooded with blessings.

The Word of God says in Job 36:11 that If you obey and serve God you will spend your days in prosperity and your years in pleasure.

Also in Isaiah 1:19 the Word of God says that If you be willing and obedient, you shall eat the good of the land.

Boundaries in the light of God’s Word is a good thing, as you choose to allow His Word to guide and guard your life you will find new purpose and meaning.

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