Joy is a major factor that contributes and determines your choices, attitudes and bahaviour.

Joy is a divine force, it is so rich and powerful, it affects the way you feel, but doesn’t start there, it is boosted by the circumstances around you but really it originates from your heart.

The primary source of all the joy you experience is God that is why you have a responsibility to keep it going. In most cases we tend to wait for it, and if it comes fine and if not we go on without it.

Joy helps you behave and act well, it strengthens you not to respond primarily to how you feel especially when you feel horrible or sad. You become joyful based on the information that comes into your heart of God’s love and care for you, this information overwhelms you and the way you feel which helps you to be your best.

Sadness and unhappiness is the other side of the coin. You act this way when you focus on negative information about yourself and people or things around you. This information overwhelms you and affects the way you feel and respond to things and people around you.

To have a wonderful and happy marriage in 2007 you must learn not to focus on the negative information but focus on God’s word that would fill your heart with joy, the joy that would bring the strength you need in times of hardship and trials.

The next time you notice your feelings going wrong, and you begin to act and speak depressingly remember you have opened yourself up to NEGATIVE INFORMATION which will do you no good no matter how real they seem.

Switch to the joy of the Lord, consciously focus on POSITIVE INFORMATION from the word of God that would encourage you to go on and continue to be pleasant and a blessing in your relationship.

With joy you will get better results, you will get each other’s attention easily. Difficult situations and misunderstandings will no longer go out of hand, you will enjoy each other more and have what you have always dreamed of, a joyful and pleasing marriage.

Is it strange how most people seem to desperately want a joyful and happy relationship without thinking it come from two JOY FULL people.

To have a joyful relationship this year it must start from you filling yourself with the joy that God gives, so let go of the sadness and unhappiness and embrace joy.

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