The marriage relationship can sometimes be likened to the bow and the arrow. They both function together, neither is more important than the other. They perform different roles, yet are equally significant. No matter how sharp the arrow is, it cannot launch itself, likewise the bow can do nothing on it’s own.

Roles can be exchangeable between the husband and wife, sometimes the wife is the one supporting the husband and launching him forward with all the co-operation and affirmation he needs to be successful, and at other times it is the husband.

Stop trying to out-perform one another. God has called you both to complement one another in everything you do.

Marriage is about sharing every part of your life together, no part of your life should be exclusive to you. You will more fun sharing, and you get to do more exploits and know one another in a deeper way. You will be able to rejoice over your victories and comfort one another through difficult periods.

This principle, applied in any marriage would launch you to a deeper level of intimacy, it will be difficult for you to drift apart when you share every part of your life together. You would come to know and appreciate the potentials in your spouse.

God bless you as you seek to be one, taking turns to launch one another.
Matthew 19 vs 5, 6

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