God wants to be your guide and help through life, He wants to be there to empower and encourage you, give you wisdom every step of the way. You cannot win satan your number one enemy in your own strength, God wants you to join forces with Him. You see Jesus has been there before and he has defeated the devil and all his demons. He’s got all you need to walk in total victory, you need to come to the place where you realise you need Him, He is the one who will cause you to always win and never fail.


Not by power nor by might but by the Spirit of the Lord. If you will trust in the name of Jesus He would be your refuge and strength the very present help in trouble, in Him you will not fear though the earth is removed and the mountains be thrown into the midst of the sea.


Though you walk through the valley of the shadow of death you will fear no evil for God is with you, His rod and staff comforts you. There will be times when things will seem so gloomy and down when life will seem worthless, those are the sort of days you doubt if life is worth living at all because of the depth of pain and hardship you face. You must learn to turn to God at such times and make Jesus your refuge and strength. Those are the times you will need to reassure yourself that God is in this with you.


Through the Lord your God you shall do valiantly. The psalmist set his heart to obtain victory, David said he would have given up if he had not believed to see God’s goodness in the land of the living. He was sure God will lead him into victory so his heart and eyes were on God to trust Him because he knew God never fails.


God will help you and right early, put on His strength and be strong.


You will overcome by the strength of the Lord. Be strong in the Lord and the power of God’s might. Your covenant with God is meant to come alive at such a time as this. This is the time to depend on Him. To rely on him until you overcome every challenge. His grace (anointing and favour) is sufficient for you it is flowing to you at an overflowing rate in order to sustain you through to victory. He is with you for a reason to help you to obtain victory. He is not with you for defeat but for victory.


He is the one who knows how to make a way out of no way, making rivers in the desert, and paths in the wilderness. His wisdom, favour, faithfulness and mercy surpasses anything the enemy can bring your way.


Looking at things from your end alone will not be very helpful. You need to see yourself in the light of the Word of God.


He has delivered us from the power of darkness and conveyed us into the kingdom of the Son of His love. Colossians 1:13


The Word of God says you have been set free, not going to be, you have already been set free. What God requires of you is to protect and enforce that freedom.


Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might. Ephesians 6:10


What shall we say to these things  (barrenness)? If God be for us, who can be against us? Yet in all these things we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us. Romans 8:31, 37


The only way you can be defeated and be hopeless is if God is not for you, but God is for you, you are of God therefore you can boldly declare based on the faithfulness of the unchanging God that you are more than a conqueror.


Christ is in you, the greater One dwells in you, the One in you is greater than the One in the world. The One in you is greater than anyone or anything standing between you and fruitfulness.

Be rest assured God will fight for you He will be your defence and shield. That does not mean you will not have to do anything all, it means you need to do what He tells you to do. Be obedient to what you know in the scriptures, hold firmly and steadfastly to the truth, God’s word. It will never fail you, the word of God is like a mighty hammer smashing in pieces anything that stands in its way.


The Battle is the Lord’s so listen to Him, fight with God’s weapon not yours. His weapon never misses the target, they are always right on time. God will see you through. The Battle is the Lord’s.


He would not allow the enemy to defeat you. Your victory is His victory. You remember the story of Gideon in the book of Judges chapter 7; God raised him up to fight and overcome nations that were against the people of God. The interesting thing was Gideon counted on 32,000 men to help him win the fight but God had other plans. You see you might be thinking what you are against is so powerful compared to your strength, what you are not taking account of is that you are not alone. Gideon eventually won the battle with 300 men, that is a miracle. God has a miracle for you. Expect Him to supply you with the wisdom and anointing you need to defeat barrenness and all the issues that accompany it.


God wants to take the glory for the victory over the enemy’s plot in your marriage.

The battle is the Lord’s.

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