When Jesus was on the earth He went through a lot of pain and betrayal from those very close to Him. We can learn a major lesson from the way He handled them and didn’t allow that to affect Him negatively.

One of the greatest challenges you will come to realise you will have to face is how to react to someone you love dearly but still might hurt you most deeply. Do you shut down, pretend or allow anger and bitterness to show how you feel?

When Jesus was hurt He looked at those who had caused Him pain and distress and prayed that God would forgive them, meaning He chose to release them even though they never apologised or even realised what they were doing, yet He chose to walk in love towards them.

When you love someone who caused you heartache and distress, the love of God in you destroys resentment. It looses the anger, bitterness, hatred, and offence that the hurt and pain have over your life.

You will agree that these are very powerful negative but destructive emotions. But as powerful as they are the love of God that you express at this time destroys and totally nullifies their ability to ruin your future.

The devil is always looking for ways he can invade your life and relationship, he will try and come through unforgiveness.

Has anyone hurt you and caused you such pain and hurt that the sting looks so unbearable? You need to know that this is one of the ways the devil uses to try to steal and destroy the wonderful marriage/relationship God has given to you.

Remembering how much you hurt God with your sin and rebellion and He forgave you and sent Jesus to die for your sins will help you to forgive others and love them when they least deserve it.

You might want to ask how much should I forgive? Give the person the same deal you got, Jesus paid the entire price for you to be totally forgiven He held NOTHING, absolutely nothing against you.

Not only did Jesus forgive you He also put in you the same love that empowered Him, to erase every hurt in your heart.

You have a hurt-eraser in you, start using it NOW. Wipe clean every record of hurt in your heart and your life and your relationship will rise to a whole new level of joy and victory.

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