Saying thank you is an expression of gratitude, you are acknowledging that you have received kindness and favour and that you appreciate it.

In marriage it is so important to be grateful, warm and friendly. In a relationship where each of you readily thank each other even for seemingly little things, it shows you are making an effort not to take each other for granted.

You will find out that your spouse has benefited you and you can be kind in return, but the simplest and most rewarding way to do this is by saying thanks.

Whenever you do this you are saying I recognise and value what you do. Everyone likes to be recognised and appreciated and this spurs you on to do more.

Everyone wants more, more and more but the key to obtaining more is saying thank you for what you already have.

Help each other to do more, say thank you today and thereafter. When you do, you are saying I am content, glad, grateful and pleased.

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