Your marriage and relationship is faced with an enemy that tries to spoil it. This enemy is out to suffocate the life of your relationship, it wants to take fun out of it.

The Bible says in Songs Of Solomon chapter 2 verse 15: Take us the foxes, the little foxes that spoil the vines: for our vines have tender grapes.

Your marriage and relationship can be compared to this vine that has tender grapes. The little foxes seek to spoil the vine by taking out the tender grapes; a kind of fruit that the plant produces.

For this vine to survive, the tender grapes need to be protected from the foxes.

Your marriage and relationship cannot be left to chance, just like the vine cannot be left unprotected from these little foxes.

Some of the dictionary definitions of the word Tender are: loving, affectionate and compassionate, susceptible to pain or grief.

Your marriage has the ability to produce the love and affection that you desire, it also has the ability to be grieved.

Little foxes in marriage and relationship differ from one relationship to the other.

For some people the normal day to day busyness can suffocate and dry up the love in the home. You need to plan regular time together to keep the love in your relationship alive.

For some it is unresolved conflicts. Unresolved conflicts open the door to the devil to move into your home and relationship and for some its finances.

Whatever it is, it is your duty and responsibility to protect the tenderness of your marriage and relationship from those things that could gradually spoil it.

Your marriage and the tender fruits in it are for you to enjoy and get pleasure from, you must defend and guard it.

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