In this day and age the world is full of marriages that are falling apart, with self-centeredness, violence and immorality reaching very high levels.

In the midst of all this you can stand out and be different. While every one else is just living for themselves you can stand out and be a selfless couple, each of you looking out and living for the good of the other. Choosing to flourish in kindness, faithfulness and endurance. Growing in patience and humility.

Let your relationship be founded strongly on the love and word of God. Your marriage can shine as light in the midst of utter darkness. Be devoted to God, living for the glory of God.

Determine right now that your marriage will not be average but it would stand out.

For you to stand out you must be committed to a Godly and successful marriage. Challenges will come your way but keep your focus and dol not give in to them or settle for less than a glorious relationship.

We challenge you today to be consumed with a strong and powerful desire to STAND OUT in your love and relationship with each other.

Let’s do marriage differently let’s stand out.

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