Have you wanted things to get better, for your relationship to be a lot of fun, both of you becoming great friends, where the time you spend honouring, appreciating and enjoying each other far outweighs the misunderstandings you experience?

This is not something you stumble into, it doesn’t just happen it is made to happen. When a farmer goes into his farm, he goes with a seed, the quality of the seed determines his harvest.

Likewise if he goes with a poor quality seed it doesn’t matter how hard he works and how deeply he desires to have a good harvest, the choice of his seed sadly limits his outcome.

It happens the same way in relationships, the best seed you can sow to have a good and happy relationship is the word of God.

You will need to give quality time into reading, meditating, sharing, praying and practicing the word of God. The word will purify, strengthen and infuse life, joy, favour and peace into your relationship.

Do not neglect the word of God, give it its rightful place, as you honour it and follow its instruction it would lead to wise choices and excellent decisions and where others are struggling and failing you will find the way out.

When the storm comes your marriage will stand because you did not neglect the word of God, blessings will abound in your relationship as you practice the word of God. The blessings and goodness of God will increase in your lives.

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