God is the author of marriage and the Bible contains all the principles needed for your marriage to operate excellently. Without any doubt the Word of God is the rock on which all marriages must rest, the Bible is the perfect manual for Marriage.

Over the years man has gradually moved away from the Biblical principles of marriage and has replaced it with so many traditions and good ideas. Romans 1 vs 22. To remove the Word of God from a marriage and expect nothing to happen is like removing the foundation of a multi-storey building and expecting nothing to happen.

Now we know why many marriages come crashing down. It is never too late, surely there is hope, there is no problem God does not have a solution to, but you need to move closer to the Word. The Word of God is POWER-FULL, to destroy any damage done already in your marriage. There is No wrong the Word of God cannot make right.

Trust Him, He never fails. Change your heart today, return to making the Bible (with the help of the Holy Spirit) the guide in your marriage. Human wisdom on it’s own won’t help, but the Bible will not fail you.

As you read the Bible and make a commitment to obey, your marriage will turn around for good. John 6 vs 63

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