Freedom is one thing every one of us is in need of in different areas of our relationships at different times. From time to time you might realise that there are habits, lifestyles, behaviours, emotions that are causing your relationship a lot of pain and grief.

Some things that probably began as pleasure might later become a stronghold or bondage. You are no longer in control it takes charge and causes a lot of pain. Some people find it difficult to be comforted, resulting in severe sorrow and unforgiveness, for some it might be not being able to hold back unkind words when they are angry, before they know it a little disagreement is blown beyond proportion.

Jesus died to set you free from everything that causes pain and unhappiness in your home. He died so that you will be free from every bondage. The devil wants you oppressed and enslaved to all those lifestyles that cause pain.

Jesus wants you free from anything that is too strong for you to handle.

Acknowledge that you are in bondage and under its control and can’t help yourself.

Ask for His help.

Search the scriptures for promises of total freedom from those things.

Receive your freedom by faith.

Plant the word of God in your heart day and night.

Confess and declare the word of God and your freedom consistently.

Keep doing this even when you are free and apply it to other areas of your life.

So many people are the cause of unhappiness in their marriage but they are just too proud to accept they need help.

Don’t let satan ruin your lovely home Jesus died to deliver you from the control and authority of darkness. Let light reign in your mind, body and heart and see the glory and joy of the Lord fill your life and home.

Take advantage of your freedom today and begin to do what you have always wanted to do, bringing joy, pleasure and happiness to your spouse (your friend and lover).

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