Every one is born with the ability to love and be loved, but sometimes the experiences you go through or see happening to others tend to affect the way and extent you give or respond to love.

When love is abused or taken for granted, people tend to withhold their love either partially or completely, thereby stopping love from being released or expressed to the max.

You are created in God’s likeness, you are a lover, all lovers know to do is love others. To withhold love is unnatural and not just that but it creates hurt and distress.

When you do not love your spouse your system begins to go funny because you are doing something wrong.

Love trapped on the inside soon begins to hurt you. Do yourself a favour stop withholding the love on the inside, love your spouse at all cost. Be ready to be patient, kind, forgiving and all that love requires.

As you practice loving your spouse to the fullest, your joy will be full, life will be easier, and the blessings of God will flow freely in your life and home.

To withhold love is to give place to the devil, and invite sadness, because love trapped and not freely expressed makes one sad and overwhelmed.

Could it to be that most supposed lovers are not happy because they have love withheld inside of them.

You are like God, nothing your spouse does should stop you from loving him or her. Why not ask God to show you how He does it.

Loving at full capacity will cause your life to blossom, it will help you to leave hurt and bitterness behind, it will increase your confidence and self worth, and it will cause the goodness and blessings of God to flourish in and through you.

Jesus paid a great price to set you free to love freely, don’t let it be wasted. Hold nothing back love your spouse to the fullest in words, thoughts and actions, start RIGHT NOW.

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