You may have realised that quite a few things you really love are no longer in your relationship. What most people do is to just be in sad for the loss of something so dear to their marriage.

Whatever it is you miss in your relationship, it could be joy, friendship, peace, faithfulness etc. The principle of sowing and reaping is key to getting back what you lack. The same way you do not expect a farmer to worry and cry over the fact that he hasn’t harvested carrot if he hasn’t planted them. If he wants carrots and the weather suits it, you expect him to go ahead and sow carrots and with time he would reap carrots.

The same is true for your relationships. The seed is the word, if you will get the seed of the word of God and begin to meditate on it and pray it into your relationship with consistency and faith you will reap a bountiful harvest.

The same way you sow the word of God, let the wisdom of God help you to sow what you are missing in your relationship like kindness, friendship, joy etc.

The word of God which is seed for everything you need is guaranteed, it never fails, you have something to be hopeful for, you don’t have to give up or give in to unending sorrow. Get into the word of God and start praying and confessing what you want that is promised in the word into your relationship.

God always honour commitment and faith in His promises. You can be restored and have abundance of everything God has promised you.

Whatever is missing in your relationship, find out if there is a seed for it, when you find God’s promise get busy meditating, confessing and praying it into your life. All this will prompt some wise actions and God will bless and lift up your hope into heaven on earth.

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