Imagine yourself in a hall, where you have gone for a meeting, but the place is full to capacity and the only option you seem to have is to lean on the wall, all the seats have been taken up by others.

You are tired at the same time this meeting is one you cannot afford to miss, while you are bracing yourself up for the task of having to stand through the meeting which would last for awhile, you suddenly hear someone call your name. It’s your friend who you knew was also coming for the meeting and he beckons on you to come over saying he has reserved a seat for you.

You feel relieved, excited and much more you are made to feel special because someone thought about you and reserved a seat for you.

In relationship you bring that special feeling back when you take the time to think about what you can do to make life easier, happier and better for your spouse and do it for him/her.

Due to the volume of things you have to get done, it would take a conscious effort on your part, to reserve something special for that special someone. Reserve a kind thought, a gift, a loving and encouraging word, an embrace, a special time to meet up for lunch etc.

What are going to reserve for your spouse, there is so much demand on everything from your time, money, your strength, your thoughts, your kindness etc making it so easy for you to only give each other the leftovers which do not amount to much.

Before you give all your time out to other things, you could reserve a place in your busy life for your spouse, with that you are making an impression on him/her saying even though I have a lot to do you mean a lot to me.

Learn to appreciate and enjoy whatever your spouse has taken the time to reserve for you knowing that this is his/her way of communicating to you how special you are.

This makes marriage and relationships happier and strong.

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