Everyone entering into a relationship does so with a dream, an ambition and an aspiration. Something you consider to be your goal, a destination you hope to reach some day.

God places a desire and the hope of a blissful relationship in you He wants you to have heaven on earth. Just as in all other aspects of life, there are right and wrong ways of aiming for these goals, there are difficult as well as easier ways.

Beyond all that, in the environment around you there are forces that are against you.

Those forces are not mere natural forces, they are forces aided by the power of darkness and that is why you need the wisdom and power of God.

Satan is against God and that is why he will do anything to kill steal and destroy your marriage. You need to totally submit your life and relationship to God so He can help you to realise every dream of heaven on earth in your relationship.

In Marriage Fellowship we are commissioned by God to make His wisdom and power available to you to help make your dream a reality.

He has placed in our hearts a commitment to see your relationship holy, joyful, peaceful, nourished, empowered to prosper and whole.

No matter at what stage you, God still has a plan for you, do not leave this earth without fulfilling them all. Don’t give up, we can do it together.

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