Everyone goes into a relationship with of a hope of a happy future, with a hope that things will get better and easier.

Most people because of the challenges they face settle for less, some give up while only a few are ready to do whatever it takes to get to the place of joy.

Sadness is definitely not part of the deal, it is not God’s will for anyone, and it is not alright at all. Every one has a right to a happy joyful marriage.

Joy in a marriage is great, while a joyless life or relationship is tormenting. Sadness is your enemy no one should have to live like this without doing something about it.

One of the greatest things you can both do is to agree that you will always be willing to work together to increase each others joy. And in cases where you do not know what to do be willing to get help.

So many people seem to develop a tough skin to tolerate sadness and unhappiness. They seem to be willing to go on even if nothing changes.

Marriage is supposed and made to be joyful, if it is not it can be if you get the right help. Things wont just change God’s wisdom is the key to experiencing joy to overflow.

The wisdom of the world makes marriage sad, worldly wisdom such as the silent game, prolonged strife, disrespect, indifference, not expressing affection, retaliation etc.

The wisdom of God when practiced consistently will flood your relationship with joy and peace. Wisdom such as appreciation, kindness, quick and complete forgiveness, being easy to please, tolerance, advertising the good in each other, defending one another, self control, selflessness etc.

When you both learn and are committed to doing what God says works, you will get great results and before long you will know exactly what to do when things are not going the way they should.

You have a right to be happy, your marriage can and should be a place of joy. Get to work NOW.

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