Your marriage relationship will experience a turn around for good if you realise that anything and any one that comes between you and tries to separate you or cause you sorrow should be put away.

You should never allow disappointments, failures, differences, unfaithfulness, people or any other thing cause you to put yourselves away or gradually move apart.

Instead understand that it is that thing or that person that should be put away so that you can both continue to enjoy one another as God intends.

The truth is, you both love each other and you want each other, if not you would not be married or even consider getting married.

Circumstances put pressure on your relationship and try to draw you apart slowly until you are complete strangers and do not appreciate the love you once had for one another.

We challenge you to start looking into your marriage relationship and consider putting things away and do not allow ANYTHING to separate you anymore.

One will put a thousand to flight and two the Bible says will put ten thousand to flight.

So both of you together can defeat anything that comes between you.

Settle this in your heart, that NOTHING is important enough to displace your relationship.

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