God loves it when spouses come together to praise Him, He demands it, and He expects it, He loves it, and He rewards it.

You can only praise God up to the measure to which you value Him. You cannot praise God beyond your value for Him.

The more you value God the richer your praises to Him. God dwells within your praises, as you both praise Him, His presence will come into your marriage. And in His presence there is fullness of joy, the ability to enjoy your marriage will come, this is supernatural, no counsellor, hospital, or psychologist can give you this.

Praise will break the power of darkness, turn things gloriously around in your marriage. God dwells in the praises of His people. Invite God’s presence into your marriage through praises to Him.

Start each day thanking God for the great gift He’s given to you in your spouse, and watch great things unfold in your God-given marriage.

The more you praise God for your spouse the more you will begin to see what a wonderful gift God has given to you and you would also begin to realize how much God values your spouse. This will stir up inside you a willingness to praise your spouse by acknowledging all the awesome blessings of God in them.

The more you praise one another the more you will value one another and you will begin to enjoy your marriage much much more.

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