It is very important for you not to be oblivious of the numerous factors in life that influence your marriage. You face these factors 24 hours a day week in week out. One question you must explore is how these factors affect your marriage and what you need to do to keep them from overwhelming or hurting your relationship.


Every marriage is different so a crucial factor in one relationship might be insignificant in another, or better still a pressing issue to your partner might not matter at all to you and vice versa. The irony here is even though an issue might not matter to you, the real point is if it affects your spouse that means it can affect your relationship.


What are the issues affecting the well-being and joy of your marriage? A good way to go to about finding them out is to discuss this in detail with your spouse and visit them regularly. Together ask God for wisdom on how you can keep encouraging and standing together in overcoming them. It feels really very pleasant when you know your partner understands and supports you as you deal with the issues that matter to you. You are both equally important and should both be confident in knowing that you are growing in prioritising the issues that are important to each other.


You won’t be perfect overnight in knowing these factors and learning to support each other, it is important that you patiently grow and get better. You will sometimes stumble and make mistakes as you proceed, don’t dwell on the mistake but get up and try again. The more you grow the better and happier your relationship will become.


So get to work and you will be glad you did

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