The enemy satan is always looking for ways to overpower you, he keeps trying to make you do the wrong things. He puts constant pressure on your mind and body seeking to overwhelm you until you do or say the wrong things, things you wished you never did.

He knows if he can get you to yield to his pressures over and over again you would soon give up, thinking it is hopeless trying to stop, because it looks like there is no way out.

God knew this, He knew that you couldn’t resist the temptation to do and say the wrong things on your own. That is why He made help available for you.

The way to overcome temptation in word or deed (those things you do and regret later) is by filling your heart and mind with the word of God.

The word of God is supernatural, it has power to strengthen your mind and body. There is power in the word of God to overcome temptations that normally overpower you.

The word of God provides strength for any kind of weakness you might be facing. You have a part to play though, your part is to fill your heart and mind with the word of God.

Plant the word in your heart and mind through reading and meditating on it. Give yourself constantly and repeatedly to reading the word of God.

The word you meditate on will instruct you when your senses are under pressure, it will teach you to use kind words when under pressure, it will keep your thinking sound and pure, it will help you to be in control of your temper.

There is power in the word of God to overcome every temptation. Search God’s word for promises of God to strengthen you in the areas where you are easily defeated.

Now you know what to do, God will strengthen you unto victory.

Next time the devil comes to tempt you in the area he used to defeat you, you can resist and win with the word of God in your mouth and heart and declaring IT IS WRITTEN.

You can surprise and defeat the enemy with God’s word.

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