There is a continuous battle on earth among all human beings over what habits will dominate them. The world is full of numerous desires which can be divided into two main parts: Godly desires and ungodly desires. Everyone comes into this life innocent not knowing the difference between good and evil, so that even though a baby goes on to do something wrong it is usually not with a conscious desire to do evil.

There is a constant battle going on, satan is tenaciously seeking to take control of the soul of as many people as possible, he wants to rule and dominate man.

The strategy he uses is to get into and influence virtually everything available on the face of the earth. Even though most things look unharmful, underlying them is a dangerous scheme of satan to take over the soul of man.

As in the case of most advertisements, you will realise there is usually another and stronger motive that is behind them.

The dictionary defines lust as having an eager, passionate, and especially inordinate or sinful desire for the gratification of sexual appetite or of covetousness.

Sexual lust is sin, it robs man of a passionate love for God. Your heart is made to either love God or other things, you cannot do both wholeheartedly. God wants you to have an intimate relationship with Him. He has given His only Son so that you would realise how wholly committed He is to you, and therefore invites you to give Him all of your heart.

In the world, there are different lusts wanting to take you over, sexual lust is one of them. Sexual lust can quietly eat up a person on the inside.

Keep your heart with all diligence, for out of it springs the issues of life. Proverbs 4:23 NKJV

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