The challenges we face in marriage and relationship can sometimes catch us unprepared. When you are strong and prepared you handle the situation well, in love and with a lot of courage and wisdom.

At other times perhaps when you are weak or even in situations where the situation has lingered longer than you thought and your patience and strength starts to be wear out.

In order to win your joy and strength should outlast the challenge or difficulty and for this to happen God wants to refill and renew your strength.

Psalm 23 talks about God renewing your strength it says even when you find yourself in the deep dark valley of death, the greater one in you will see you through.

God is the Almighty, the One no foe can withstand, you might not be able to overcome the challenge, but He can and He is on your side.

Everything He has, His wisdom, joy, peace and glory belong to you, open up your heart to new levels of victory. God can and wants to rescue you from everything that is too strong for you.

Be strong, see yourself put on God’s strength, and tell yourself if God cannot be defeated then you can’t because you have put on the Lord’s strength.

You are created to outlast every challenge you face in your marriage, there nothing so big or difficulty that the power and wisdom of God cannot handle, so give yourself to the word and God, the more you read about what power you have in God the more you can refill and withstand every attempt of the devil to hurt your marriage.

It is not over until you have won, so rise out, defeat is not an option God will show Himself mighty on your behalf because He loves you LOADS.

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