One of the things that God has given to help every marriage and relationship work is joy. Joy is one of your best friends that is why it comes under so much attack. Every pressure and strain affects your marital joy.

Joy comes from God it is God’s gift to you so you must learn to value it, do not take it for granted. Without joy your relationship will be empty and unfulfilling.

Learn to keep, protect and express your joy to each other. One good thing about joy is that it is measurable. Be sincere to yourself. What is the level of your marital or relationship joy?

No matter where you are today, God wants you to have so much joy, He wants to restore and fill you with joy until you overflow.

You will have realised by now that joy is not a product of wealth, beauty, or anything you can see, feel or touch God is the giver of joy. Many relationships are falling apart due to lack of joy.

Ask God today to fill you with joy and promise Him you will express it to your spouse even when he/she does not deserve it. You cannot separate God Almighty from His joy, so as you receive His joy, you receive Him and all that He stands for.

With joy you can face and overcome everything the enemy brings your way, without joy you become weak and vulnerable.

We want to encourage you to open up yourself to God’s joy, let it fill your heart and home until you have some to share with other couples who need it.

Joy is one of your best friends, please keep it and your relationship will blossom.

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