A marriage relationship is meant for companionship and fellowship. God’s intention is for you to enjoy each other and have fun while doing this.

As your marriage grows there is the tendency to forget the reason and purpose for which you came together and therefore you begin to drift apart.

It is important to recognise and understand the purpose for your relationship and to have a target as well as set goals.

When you find yourselves drifting apart, the target and goals you have set for each other to both enjoy the relationship will serve as a signal to bring you together again.

We would advise that you should have special times together alone when all you discuss is your relationship and nothing else.

A time when you both ask yourselves how well you are doing with each other and what best can be done to make the relationship better and more interesting.

The truth is, you can each get so busy that you do not take time to nurture and care for your relationship. Someone once said ‘a good marriage doesn’t just happen it is made to happen’.

So cultivate the habit of spending special times with one another; carve out special times exclusively for both of you. Make sure you avoid trying to solve problems during your special times together, keep it special.

Let us also acknowledge that when we drift apart we miss each other. We miss the love, fun and fellowship that we should be sharing together.

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