Due to constant demands surrounding you it is easy to just have a stereotype kind of relationship where something special hardly happens.

There are so many things demanding your attention at work and in your family. Deadlines you have to meet, bills to pay, career pressures, such that at the end of it all without realising it you have given the best of your skill, talent, energy and strength to all these things with little or nothing planned for your relationship.

If you do not consciously plan to include your relationship in a place of top priority then it gets to come last after everything has received your best.

This shouldn’t be so. Do not learn from experience, there are so many stories of people, who, while they were solving other challenges of life and neglected the crucial things that would help keep their relationship alive and active; they lost their relationship.

You need to know that your relationship is never static, it is either going stronger because of the conscious effort you make or going weaker due to pressure and neglect.

Where are you now? Create a regular and consistent way of nourishing and strengthening your relationship.

Long after your career is gone and the great profit you make in business has been expended, your marriage should be the best thing you’ve got, make the best of it, and give it top priority.

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