Most people are attracted towards each other by such a wonderful current of love and happiness, it is so beautiful and it is possible to think that nothing could ever go wrong. This is called romantic love.

Romantic love on its own cannot keep any relationship, you need the unconditional love of God. One of the ways you express this love is through patience.

Your spouse will not always please you and you will not always feel wonderful, if anything, you will sometimes feel terrible and even be tempted to think you made a wrong choice. What you need is patience.

To be patient is to be lenient, have a long temper, be compassionate and merciful. It is to be calm, tolerant and untiring. Patient comes from God.

Patience will help you to experience the best restored in your relationship. It will help and keep you from the pain of decisions taken out of impatience and a lack of tolerance.

Patient people can talk things through easily and they handle things maturely. They are quick to realise their spouse is not the problem but there is an issue that needs to be dealt with.

Patience will help you to get appropriate help when you need it, knowing your relationship is a valuable gift from God and you need to do everything necessary to keep it.

Your marriage does not have to suffer, ask God for patience and He will teach you.

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