The Bible says that God is love, He is an embodiment of love. Because He is love He can do nothing outside love.

All the things God does for us and wants for us are all based on His love for us.

Love moved Him to give His only Son to save us from the danger and consequence of sin.

The Bible also says that His thoughts towards us are thoughts of good and not of evil to give us a hope and a future. That is love in action.

The bible says that He is touched by the feeling of our infirmities, He feels what we feel. He is not happy when we suffer and go through hardship.

Whatever you are going through right now, do not let the devil deceive you in to thinking that the God of love is putting you through it. God does good and no evil is in Him.

The Bible says that perfect love casts out all fear and that there is no fear in love.

Love will not put you in a situation where you would be afraid, love longs to protect you from anything that will bring you fear.

If you will only receive this truth and obey His word, He is willing to take you out of whatever situation the devil has put you into.

Quit agreeing with the devil that God allowed the unpleasant situation you are in right now. Agree with God to kick out the devil.

Love is always willing to deliver and set free. God will not see you in danger and wait to see you hurt before He delivers you, He comes just in time.

The Bible says He is our present help in time of trouble. He is our now help, so call upon Him in the time of trouble and He will answer you right early.

God is Love and He is always just in time He is never late.

God bless and multiply you richly. You shall always find grace to help in your time of need.

Stay blessed

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