Love came down in Jesus to heal every hurting soul. Open up your heart and He will heal your pain, take away the hurt, give you the strength to forgive and erase every resentment.

Things will happen in your marriage that will sometimes bring pain because you are disappointed or even have been betrayed.

Offence makes one bitter, bitterness brings along with it grief, rage, affliction. It robs one of joy and pleasure, it is like a sharp knife through the soul. When you are bitter you feel humiliated, injured, you become hostile, unhappy and tormented.

If this applies to you, you are not alone, Jesus knew this would happen to you so he had a plan to help you.

God’s love couldn’t afford for you to be tormented by grief, He sent His Son to heal you. He heals the broken in heart, curing their pain and sorrow. He came to give you gladness and joy so that sorrow and mourning might flee from your home.

Surrender your pain to Him ask Him to heal you, resist the torment of hurt by the blood of Jesus. There is power in the Name of Jesus to help you.

Receive His comfort today, raise your head up and encourage yourself. He will heal you and bless your future.

God values you, he loves you too much to let you continue like that. Be determined to walk free of bitterness.

God’s love heals all bitterness

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