God wants to increase you. He wants you blessed financially and materially. Poverty is not of God, lack binds and is cruel and limiting. God is rich and He wants His children rich.

Riches and prosperity are not bad, it is what you use them for that matters. Riches only amplify who and what you are.

In whatever need or hardship you encounter, God wants to display His goodness by making a way for you to prevail.

Isaac experienced lack, there was famine all over the land, at this time God never left Isaac, but instructed him on what to, He was involved in every detail. God had a plan to supernaturally increase and prosper him and He did.

Jacob also had very rough times, his employer deprived him of his wages, but because God was with him it didn’t have any effect on him. And later God gave him wisdom to prosper in spite of his circumstance.

God wants you to be the head, He wants you to have an upper hand whatever the case is. He prefers, you.

There is also the story of the widow, who had her last meal and thought that was it. They were going to eat it and then starve to death, by simply trusting God’s plan, God supernaturally increased her.

Jesus is the same forever, He did it then, He will do it again. He has a plan to increase you beyond your wildest dreams. God delights in prospering you in every way. He loves you and wants to see you eased and blessed.

Thank God for His plan to increase you supernaturally and trust Him for wisdom that would take you into your prosperity. No matter what you are going through, He will save you and bring joy and peace to your home again.

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