Marriage should be a place where couples grow in loving and cherishing each other, this makes the relationship happy and pleasurable and as love grows you should value each other the more. Growing in love comes along with the reality of you having to deal with disagreement, anger, jealousy, and so many other pressures that life may bring.


Some people result to violence or some form of abuse as a way of dealing with the stress or pressures they experience. The stress does not have to come primarily from your partner for violence to be directed at them it could be due to work, family, finances, health etc.


Violence towards a partner usually starts way before it is acted out it tends to begin in the mind. Every couple would need to educate themselves on the fact no one should have to experience violence in a relationship. Violence towards a partner whether verbal or physical is absolutely and completely wrong, no reason or excuse can justify it.


So if you are experiencing violence or the one being violent, there is a serious problem that needs to be addressed immediately. Firstly, it is important that you make up your mind that you will not be violent or tolerate violence in your relationship. It is difficult to talk about something you do not know so sit and talk together about the tendencies of violence that might exist in your marriage. Establish how and when it happens or is likely to happen and begin to put together measures that would help you to stop it from happening.


Take this seriously, have a zero tolerance for physical and emotional abuse, and don’t be afraid to get professional help if you need one. Your relationship will be happier and highly enriched as you make it violence-free, and you would be able to support and help other relationships to be stronger in this area.


God loves you so much, He wants you to have a great, joyful and violence-free relationship, expect Him to give you wisdom that can heal and set you free from hurt and pain of an abusive relationship as well as help you to stop resulting to violence towards your partner.


We love and appreciate you dearly





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