Patience is a virtue, it is a character strength, it is crucial to the well being and strength of your marriage/relationship.

Through patience you will be able to calm quarrels easily, issues that used to get out of hand would no longer leave you both sad and unhappy as you exercise patience.

Patience helps you to control yourself, it would help you to restrain your words, thoughts and actions. When you react based on your wrong feelings you say and do things you later regret. As you develop patience challenges and rough times will no longer put pressure on you to do the wrong things because of the power of patience you have began to develop and do.

As you wait for things to change, patience gives you the ability to be consistent in your words, thoughts, and actions, it helps you to stop yielding to just your feelings.

With Jesus in your heart, the love of God is in your heart, the ability to be patient is in you.

There is nothing like an automatic or instantly strong and happy marriage, it requires thinking, saying and doing the right things patiently.

The wisdom of patience is central to a happy and strong marriage.

Build this virtue from the inside out, spend time reading and meditating on what the Bible has to say about patience. This will change your thinking, give you a better understanding of patience, and bring a great harvest of joy and fun to your relationship.

Start today and the blessing and benefits of patience will greatly abound in your marriage.

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