Every marriage and relationship go through difficulties at one time or the other.

This is why it is very important you know how to handle them and how not to. The way you handle challenges and the pressures will determine it’s impact and the consequence long after it’s gone.

Two things you must be determined and prepared to apply during difficult times is joy and wisdom. Knowing that difficulties and hardships in marriage don’t come from God, they are really agents of the enemy to steal kill and destroy your marriage.

This is why fortifying your heart and soul with the joy of the Lord is so crucial to your victory. The joy of the Lord would strengthen your heart, it will bring happiness to your soul and also give you the ability to be hopeful knowing that God is on your side. Joy comes from God as you put your eyes on the promises of God your joy will increase. You would see God as greater than anything you might be going through and that He is on your side causing all things to work together for your good as you trust Him.

The other thing you need to put into play is wisdom. Wisdom is knowledge, understanding, good judgement and intelligence. This is the ability to apply knowledge in order to achieve a desired result.

Every problem no matter how overwhelming or complicated it looks has an answer. As you trust God He will provide you with how to succeed. Humble yourself and listen to God for wisdom. Take advantage of wise people around you ask for help.

Don’t give up or act unwisely, because you don’t know what to do. Not knowing what to do is not a reason to do the wrong thing.

Starve your negative feelings and emotions and feed yourself with the word of God, listen to others you know will help you get to where God wants you. If you don’t know what to do just, keep walking in love and obedience to the word of God you know.

For every wise step you take in obedience to God more direction to victory will come your way.
Be committed to seeking to walk in the joy and wisdom of God even before the difficult times come, so it would much easier for you to continue then.

No matter where you are now God has victory waiting for you as you receive and apply the joy of the Lord and wise actions to your relationship.

God wants you to rise above the challenges you face and one of the ways He has purposed to do that is through joy and wisdom.

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