The key Word to describe our world today is Busy! Busy!! Busy! It’s like everyone has sworn an oath to just keep on being busy. Rather than ask, How are you? It would not be strange to ask, Are you busy?

Are you too busy to have fun in your marriage?

You must not forget that to go to the extreme in any area would cause harm. It is possible not to know how to draw the limit. Every marriage relationship needs to be nourished and enriched through times of communication, fun, fellowshipping and playing together.

It is possible to build a successful career, raise good children, have a great business portfolio, and gain fame, all at the expense of your marriage and that will be a great mistake. You must learn to maintain a good balance. Avoid what is called the ‘fire brigade’ method of dealing with issues. This is, having to attend to marital issues only when things are about to fall apart. Prevention they say is better than cure, planning is the word, plan regular times of fun, excitement, fellowship and romantic gestures.

Make it a lifestyle to have fun together. This is a good way to remind yourselves of how valuable and special your marriage is. Unless you are determined and committed to having fun together, the heavy tide of other business is likely to push it aside. In most cases after the first three to five years, marriage does not stay special automatically, it takes an effort on your part. Prayerfully keep at it and ask God to help you to renew that romantic and special feeling you had for each other before you got married.

Give sporting, romance and having fun together HIGH PRIORITY in your relationship.

Let marriage be held in honour (esteemed worthy, precious, of great price, and especially dear) in all things. Hebrews 13 vs 4a (Amplified)

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