God is the greatest help anyone could have in times of need, the only thing is He needs you to welcome His help in your need, He wouldn’t just invade your life.

Daniel was in trouble and was thrown into the lions’ den, that sure is big trouble, God was right there by his side in his time of greatest need to make sure the trouble did not consume him. He would do the same for you as well, His presence will make sure you come out safe.

In every relationship one thing is common, trouble will come. The question is, who will you turn to for help? In times of adversity, affliction, distress, grief, illness, pain, misfortune, unhappiness and other trials, God wants to help you, He wants to assist, lend you a helping hand and offer every sort of assistance you require.

Don’t allow fear to overwhelm you because you are not alone and there is no trouble so bad that He cannot handle.

Long before trouble comes, acknowledge God as your refuge and strength, the very present help in trouble, so when trouble comes you would have assurance of His help knowing that no matter what happens you will come out victorious.

It’s never too late to ask God for help, its better late than never.

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